It’s not about design / I didn’t ask to win this award / 使用是產品 放着是藝術品, Solo Exhibition
31 March to 23 April 2023
Hidden Space, Hong Kong
Hidden Space is delighted to present “It’s not about design / I didn’t ask to win this award / 使用是產品放着是藝術品” by Kaio Wu Hiu Nam, the fifth recipient of our annual Hidden Space Award.

For her installation, Wu has applied art-world related text to a range of ready-made objects, from clothing to sports equipment, household items and even confectionery. From the starting point of her own aspirations to a particular lifestyle, she has selected objects that she finds genuinely desirable, whether they are original designs or affordable mass-manufactured versions of high-end items. The artwork both critiques the amalgamation of luxury retail with art, whilst admitting to its aspirational pull.

In her playfully honest title and the inclusion of ‘rejected’ artworks and ideas, Wu also gives us access to the multiple pressures of choice, the art/exhibition making process, and even how taxing it is to be a fledgling artist attempting to realise ideas.