Kaio Wu Hiu Nam (b. 1998), Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School, pursuing Master degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Wu focuses on contemporary culture and social ideologies, presenting design and conceptual form with found objects. Wu's works emphasise the use of texts, employing symbolism and contextual criticism to examine modern cultural phenomena. Wu advocate the application of conceptual, visual, reusable and practical qualities on art.

Wu's works have been exhibited in Hong Kong Arts Centre, chi K11 Art Space, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hidden Space, WURE AREA. Wu is also occasionally writes articles on contemporary forms and art-related topics, participates in curatorial and designs.


胡氏作品曾於香港藝術中心、chi K11藝術空間、10號贊善里畫廊、Hidden Space等藝術空間展出,不時書寫有關當代形態或藝術相關文章,不時參與展覽策劃與設計。

About my practice 

Observing Social Consciousness and Blind Spots, Criticising Elitism in Contemporary Art
As an artist from Hong Kong, I am interested in observing the collective social consciousness, especially in a highly competitive society like Hong Kong. I explore critical social issues implicit in mainstream culture and reflect on the qualities of contemporary artists. I believe artists play a crucial role in society as thinkers and facilitators of emotional expression. They remind the public to contemplate the soul and self-essence.

Today, society is filled with falsehoods and single-minded information, so it is important to maintain independent thinking. My research project, "In Artist, Status Anxiety," reflects on themes such as elitism and status anxiety tolerated within the contemporary artist and art system. Many artists strive to fit the image of an artist, longing to be admired and officially recognised. Through my work, I humorously satirise blind spots in contemporary thinking, even among artists. I criticise systemic errors in contemporary art and society, serving as a reminder and a way for me to reflect on myself.

Incorporating Conceptual Art into Modern Design, exploring the Practicality of Artworks
The narrow living spaces in Hong Kong inspire my artistic creations. Influenced by Bauhaus and conceptual art, my works incorporate elements of modern design to create art that is not dependent on physical space. Possess in four aspects: artistic, intellectual, practical, and decorative qualities, I believe that a piece of art can truly become a conceptual artwork with modernity and contemporary artistic nature, while also being usable when these four aspects are fulfilled.

My work mainly focuses on black humor and straightforward language. I believe that words are the only form of expression that will never become outdated or expire. Through words, I can directly resonate and connect with the audience. I avoid to utilise abstract or meaningless patterns or images and graphics when applying them to artworks. Instead, I strive to present the essence of design, text, and concepts in a direct and original manner, in order to effectively communicate messages.

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