Tiffany Chair
Text on Plia Chair (Mass Copy)

'Tiffany Chair' - imbued with irony and playfulness, which resembles a familiar folding chair, is a copy of the Plia Chair designed by Italian furniture designer Giancarlo Piretti in 1969. At the time, the chair's avant-garde use of plastic caused a stir.

The chair on display in this exhibition is a mass-produced replica from an anonymous manufacturer, its price having dropped from an expensive luxury item to an easily accessible commodity.By redefining the replica and placing it on a white cube pedestal befitting a high-end gallery, is the artist mocking the manufacturer or the audience's adulation? In fact, the artist is reflecting on consumerism, the practicality of art, and social consciousness.

With the contemptuous yet straightforward title 'Why it is not an 'Artwork'?', the artist blurs the boundaries of these three concepts and poses a thought-provoking question, while expressing Kaio’s view on the of luxury goods."