The Conversations
Texts on Light tube, 1200mm x 30mm each

'"The Conversations (對話)" is an installation artwork with three light tubes. On the surface, I express pride and arrogance with three seemingly rude phrases: "I", "Never go to openings", "Famous Artist (on Instagram)", but upon closer examination, it reveals the artist's rejection and lack of confidence in the outside world.

In my experience, exhibition openings are contradictory events. While artists showcase their works, they must attend these events to meet new people and engage in meaningless conversations with strangers. This behavior lacks direction.

However, socializing is an essential part of society.Parties are highly social events that, like openings, provide a space for less outgoing individuals to shed their inhibitions. This work will become a very satirical and humorous collision - like a representative declaration that replaces the artist's presence in the crowd.
A light tube is a tool that is inexpensive when used as a lighting fixture but becomes a luxury item when used for decoration.I hope to change the inherent value of ready-made objects by giving them conceptual meaning, strengthening their artistic qualities, and transforming them into purely decorative household items with a "confession” function, achieving the aspiration of "being a product when in use and an artwork when on display." I also playfully acknowledge the attraction of industrial products.Furthermore, I reflect on why we cannot think about ready-made objects from another perspective, and discover their beauty and the universal consciousness of their contradictions while testing the audience's perceptions of our work.