In artists, status anxiety, Solo Exhibition
6 January to 28 January 2024
Mooroom, Hong Kong

The exhibition was featured in:
ACO Art and Cultural Critique platform 'One Point Critique Society‘
[失重陳列室 - 胡曉楠個展”In artists, status anxiety]
‘In artists, status anxiety’, solo project exhibition artist-curated by Kaio Wu Hiu Nam. Wu examines her longstanding unequal relationship with art through repairing ready-made objects, furniture, books and art writing. Wu rethinks the agenda behind contemporary art and its undeniable, secular relationship with elitism.

Wu takes a step back from the mainstream and confesses her Status Anxiety, a shared emotion in the art world, and the power imbalance between art and the artist it reveals. Wu believes artists often need to ‘Self- Scrutinise’ to fit a certain ‘persona’, and contemporary art is ‘Purposed’. By exposing the dilemma between ideology/meaning, Wu breaks through the language game related to art and hidden rules which, ironically, are set by the artists themselves.

In this exhibition, Wu adopts methods like self-satire and invites all artists to delve into this discussion of elitism and Status Anxiety.

《In artists, status anxiety》,由胡曉楠獨自策劃,展覽日期為2024年1月6日至28日於獨立藝術空間Mooroom。胡氏以加工現成物、重製傢具及藝術書寫等,投入自身在當代藝術系統當中的隔離感,重新思考當代藝術家的動機,與精英文化相關的世俗事實。

胡氏以現成物剖白她長年與藝術的不對等關係,選擇成為遠離群體的局外者,反思當代藝術世界中常見的「地位焦慮(Status Anxiety)」。胡氏認為當代藝術家具有「被人設」及「被引導動機」的意味,卻對社會具有前沿思考的警示作用。兩者矛盾,我們既想要成為某種存在理念和歷史意義,也參與了設定有關藝術的隱藏規則與遊戲語言。